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My Slide Show

Posted in Reporting on April 28, 2009 by danbastian

More on GPS

Posted in Research on April 27, 2009 by danbastian

ABC’s Science and Tech news had an interesting video on GPS trackers. If you check out this video (go to WATCH: YouTube Gets Social), 45 seconds into it, the anchor goes into a segment on new, commercialized GPS locators specifically for keeping track of anything. Your car, kid, luggage, laptop. Anything you want.

I think this is rather unusual and strange. Knowing how society works, you can imagine the use these things are going to get. These devices can be very powerful if the wrong people use them. Without getting into it, you can imagine what the future holds for stalking, stealing, drug trafficking, possible terrorism, etc.

Being able to know where an item or a person is at anytime can become dangerous.

It can also provide to be very useful, they can be beneficial to parents keeping tabs on their children; they can be useful for people wanting to keep track of their cars. It is becoming more noticeable to me how technology is completely transforming the way we live, and I think it is going to continue to change our values, morals and way of life.

Online Laws

Posted in Reaction on April 26, 2009 by danbastian

It was déjà vu for me while reading this weeks assigned readings. I took Media Law and I have some experience with editing blog reactions. During my internship at the, the producers would have daily meetings and discuss questionable comments. They would discuss whether or not the comment should be allowed or deleted, some of them were tough decisions and some were easy.

One of the readings that I did find informative was one about ethical issues and values when it comes to online journalism. They are values that seem to sometimes slip your mind when your commenting on a blog or writing a story.

I think a lot will need to be considered when it comes to blogging and the comments that are made after blog posts. It’s a difficult question to answer. The reading about Libel Suits, blogs and comments really gets you thinking. I don’t know where I stand; I think I need to seemore develop before I can take a side. Freedom of speech is the obvious underlying policy that is being debated here. How do we control and regulate the internet is the underlying question.

Slideshow Reporting

Posted in Reporting on April 26, 2009 by danbastian

While collecting photographs for my slideshow, I spoke with a few bar owners and liquor store clerks about ID scanners. A few of them seemed to have been shying away from questions while some carried on a conversation with me.

I wasn’t able to talk face to face with everybody that I wanted to simple beacause there are too many establishments in Towson, so to save time, I called a bunch of the establishments to find out if they used the scanners.

I called Top Shelf Liquor and spoke with one of the managers named Linda. She was very helpful and friendly as she answered all my questions thoroughly. I actually got to record most of the phone call, after her permission. I am going to try and fit some of the sound bites I got into my slideshow.

Top Shelf Liquor is a new place on York Rd. Linda told me about the preparation and decisions management put into before opening. A big part of it was the ID scanner.

She also told me she was advised by a lawyer to do so just incase a situation played out where an underrage person used a fake ID, she could say that she has a state of the art ID scanner.

I asked her if I could come in and take pictures, and she gladly obliged. They will be featured in my slideshow.

Following Up Module #1

Posted in Research on April 23, 2009 by danbastian

In my first module, I reported on a 20 year old girl who broke up with her boyfriend via text messages.

I found a video on CNN during my morning cycle of websites that took this story to the next level. It turns out text messages are ending marriages as well…

Reporting for Module #3

Posted in Reporting on April 19, 2009 by danbastian

Adjusting the layout of my project, I have decided to use to the ID scanners in bars for my slideshow. For my third and final module, I am going to report on the story I uncovered Easter weekend about the man who had a Easter egg hunt with GPS trackers.

I reported last week that I interviewed my neighbor, which lead to this story. I waited a few days for a call back from Mr Tortolla and I finally got one, and it was a pleasant one. He informed me that the gentleman who purchased the GPS trackers didn’t mind if Mr Tortolla gave me his information.

His name is Lee Gaitsburg. Lee is from Port Washington, NY, husband to Joanna Gaitsburg, and father of six. Mr Gaitsburg works on Wall Street as a trader.

With no time on my hands to get up to New York, I phoned Mr Gaitsburg. We spoke for around an hour, I had a set of questions that I asked him which lead to a bunch of other conversations.

Reaction Post #11 – The Readings…

Posted in Reaction on April 19, 2009 by danbastian

The one reading online that I would like to comment on is ‘The programmer as journalist: a Q&A with Adrian Holovaty.’ I found interview and story to be motivating and interesting. Adrian Holovaty is a journalist and programmer for the Adrian basically does for a living what we are doing with our projects. It was nice to read about his success and his creative ideas. I think the underlying point of this interview is to shed light on computer programming and journalism, a concept I was unfamiliar with before reading this. Adrian sums it up in three steps – gathering, distilling presenting. Sounds like what we are doing. The only thing that Adrian is doing that we aren’t, is creating programs – for example animation – that complement his stories. I was really blown away by some of the ideas and creations that Adrian has had over the past few years.

The text reading that I would like to comment on comes from Journalism Online. Chapter 11’s focus is writing scripts and doing voice over, something I paid extra attention to because of the slideshow that we have due in a week. I have never made a slideshow before, so all of this information is new to me. I’ve already taken the pictures for my slideshow, and I am using this chapter as a guide to writing my voice over for the slideshow. Hopefully it helps!