Questions for Sara Spangler

1. I know what an assignment editor does for a print publication, what would you say are the similarities and differences between what you do and an assignment editor for a newspaper does?

2. For broadcast, which wire would you say you use the most to seek out the stories that reporters are going to cover? Would you say it varies?

3. It’s obvious that newspapers will be obsolete sometime in the future, with the way online journalism is developing, do you see broadcast journalism fading out also?

4. Do you think there could be a day when the news will only be available online? What do you think about the transformation that journalism is undergoing?

5. It would make sense to me that an assignment editor has an experience with the community that they are working in. What are your thoughts on that, could an out-of-town assignment editor work here in Baltimore?

6. Where do you see yourself and broadcast journalism in five years?

7. When you were in college, did you ever think you would be an assignment editor, or did you have aspirations of being an a reporter?


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