More on GPS

ABC’s Science and Tech news had an interesting video on GPS trackers. If you check out this video (go to WATCH: YouTube Gets Social), 45 seconds into it, the anchor goes into a segment on new, commercialized GPS locators specifically for keeping track of anything. Your car, kid, luggage, laptop. Anything you want.

I think this is rather unusual and strange. Knowing how society works, you can imagine the use these things are going to get. These devices can be very powerful if the wrong people use them. Without getting into it, you can imagine what the future holds for stalking, stealing, drug trafficking, possible terrorism, etc.

Being able to know where an item or a person is at anytime can become dangerous.

It can also provide to be very useful, they can be beneficial to parents keeping tabs on their children; they can be useful for people wanting to keep track of their cars. It is becoming more noticeable to me how technology is completely transforming the way we live, and I think it is going to continue to change our values, morals and way of life.


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