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Reaction to Multimedia Project

Posted in Reaction on May 10, 2009 by danbastian

The multimedia project that I’ve been working on this semester has definitely taught me some lessons. Time management being the most important lesson. I’m very organized, but coming into this project I never really had to manage as much as I did this semester. There were times when I had to make last minute phone calls and hope I would get an answer back from a last minute email. I regret not having as much time as I would have liked for this project, because I feel that I learned more than I’m showing.

I’m satisfied with my final project, but I think a little more time and research locally could have lead to some more creative stories. My topic was tough. I didn’t see myself having problems getting quality stories, but that seemed to be the case. Not knowing the area or many people surrounding it – it was tough for me to get good pictures.

The overall process of putting this entire project together was something that was definitely fun to experience. I’ve together ad campaigns and some business proposals for other classes, but never really a semester long project, like this one. It was something that I enjoyed doing and could do again – especially if I’m into the topic.

Technology is something that appeals to me, but I feel like if I was assigned something that had to do with sports or snowboarding or music, I could have done a much better job. Those are hobbies and interests that I read about every day, and I could see myself putting something together with what I’ve learned that could be really interesting.

Anyways, here it is. Hope you like it.


Helmet’s protecting more than just your head…

Posted in Research on May 3, 2009 by danbastian

While browsing ABC’s Science and Tech Index, I came across another rather unusual way that technology is changing football players’ lives – for the good. A technology has been developed, specifically for helmets, that detects when a player has over heated.

Back a few years ago, in 2001 to be exact, Korey Stringer died from complications brought on by heat stroke during practice. Stringer was an offensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, a professional football team. Had this technology been around then, he could have avoided the heat stroke.

Mark this technology as the first for athletes to track their health while they are playing. With today’s high level of competitiveness and athletes only pushing themselves harder and faster, health risks are only going to increase. Professional sports in the U.S. has to be one of the richest businesses to be in – it seems only right that the players are protected.

This story did bring back memories of high school football. I played quarterback, and I remember when a helmet was just a helmet. Now they are going to have this technology, they already have microphones in them – and who knows what’s next. Had I found out about this a while back, I would have tried to talk to the Towson football team to see if they were doing anything with their helmets and would have considered it for a module if I found out something interesting.

Lost Interview…

Posted in Reporting on May 3, 2009 by danbastian

I posted a while back about an interview I conducted with my old boss regarding Facebook. I also got a chance to interview my old mentor, Jaime Sykes, who is the Research Director for the media agency I interned for.

While I was there, I was introduced to some really interesting research software that I didn’t even know existed. Similar – but far more advanced than MRI – I wanted to know more and gave Jaime a call to inquire. I also wanted to see if I could maybe uncover a story for my project – which I wasn’t able to – but I did still conduct a proper phone interview.

I wasn’t disappointed with the information I received – I just made a judgement call that it wasn’t newsworthy enough for me to do a story about it. Basically Jaime told me about new updates that are coming out for this software (called Stradegy). He told me some more intricate details about how the information is gathered and such, and what he thought the future held for research.

Technology is indeed changing our lives in many, many ways. I tried to gear my project in unusual ways that it’s doing so. I didn’t realize it when I did it, but I just put this story aside, thinking to myself it wasn’t unusual enough.

Multimedia Design

Posted in Reaction on May 3, 2009 by danbastian

I didnt want to post twice about the same story, but I’m going to do it anyway. The design for ‘Islam in Europe’ is great. For the story that is being told, the design goes hand in hand with it. The map of Europe is very easy to read and the colors are coordinated. The text and colors on the right side of the screen are also coordinated and blend together perfectly.

I also wanted to comment on the ‘Whale Hunt.’ I really liked the design of this as well, as it was unique and creative – but at the same time informational. The creator also did a great job in guiding the reader through the website, as I could see it being a little tricky without some assistance.

In my opinion, a websites design and look is almost as important as the information on it. If your website is attractive, people will come. The information they find on the site is one thing, but getting them to stay because of design is another. I’ve surfed many sites and have stayed because of the way they look, and with the ever growing web, design will only become more important.