Lost Interview…

I posted a while back about an interview I conducted with my old boss regarding Facebook. I also got a chance to interview my old mentor, Jaime Sykes, who is the Research Director for the media agency I interned for.

While I was there, I was introduced to some really interesting research software that I didn’t even know existed. Similar – but far more advanced than MRI – I wanted to know more and gave Jaime a call to inquire. I also wanted to see if I could maybe uncover a story for my project – which I wasn’t able to – but I did still conduct a proper phone interview.

I wasn’t disappointed with the information I received – I just made a judgement call that it wasn’t newsworthy enough for me to do a story about it. Basically Jaime told me about new updates that are coming out for this software (called Stradegy). He told me some more intricate details about how the information is gathered and such, and what he thought the future held for research.

Technology is indeed changing our lives in many, many ways. I tried to gear my project in unusual ways that it’s doing so. I didn’t realize it when I did it, but I just put this story aside, thinking to myself it wasn’t unusual enough.


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