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Reaction to Multimedia Project

Posted in Reaction on May 10, 2009 by danbastian

The multimedia project that I’ve been working on this semester has definitely taught me some lessons. Time management being the most important lesson. I’m very organized, but coming into this project I never really had to manage as much as I did this semester. There were times when I had to make last minute phone calls and hope I would get an answer back from a last minute email. I regret not having as much time as I would have liked for this project, because I feel that I learned more than I’m showing.

I’m satisfied with my final project, but I think a little more time and research locally could have lead to some more creative stories. My topic was tough. I didn’t see myself having problems getting quality stories, but that seemed to be the case. Not knowing the area or many people surrounding it – it was tough for me to get good pictures.

The overall process of putting this entire project together was something that was definitely fun to experience. I’ve together ad campaigns and some business proposals for other classes, but never really a semester long project, like this one. It was something that I enjoyed doing and could do again – especially if I’m into the topic.

Technology is something that appeals to me, but I feel like if I was assigned something that had to do with sports or snowboarding or music, I could have done a much better job. Those are hobbies and interests that I read about every day, and I could see myself putting something together with what I’ve learned that could be really interesting.

Anyways, here it is. Hope you like it.


Multimedia Design

Posted in Reaction on May 3, 2009 by danbastian

I didnt want to post twice about the same story, but I’m going to do it anyway. The design for ‘Islam in Europe’ is great. For the story that is being told, the design goes hand in hand with it. The map of Europe is very easy to read and the colors are coordinated. The text and colors on the right side of the screen are also coordinated and blend together perfectly.

I also wanted to comment on the ‘Whale Hunt.’ I really liked the design of this as well, as it was unique and creative – but at the same time informational. The creator also did a great job in guiding the reader through the website, as I could see it being a little tricky without some assistance.

In my opinion, a websites design and look is almost as important as the information on it. If your website is attractive, people will come. The information they find on the site is one thing, but getting them to stay because of design is another. I’ve surfed many sites and have stayed because of the way they look, and with the ever growing web, design will only become more important.

Online Laws

Posted in Reaction on April 26, 2009 by danbastian

It was déjà vu for me while reading this weeks assigned readings. I took Media Law and I have some experience with editing blog reactions. During my internship at the, the producers would have daily meetings and discuss questionable comments. They would discuss whether or not the comment should be allowed or deleted, some of them were tough decisions and some were easy.

One of the readings that I did find informative was one about ethical issues and values when it comes to online journalism. They are values that seem to sometimes slip your mind when your commenting on a blog or writing a story.

I think a lot will need to be considered when it comes to blogging and the comments that are made after blog posts. It’s a difficult question to answer. The reading about Libel Suits, blogs and comments really gets you thinking. I don’t know where I stand; I think I need to seemore develop before I can take a side. Freedom of speech is the obvious underlying policy that is being debated here. How do we control and regulate the internet is the underlying question.

Reaction Post #11 – The Readings…

Posted in Reaction on April 19, 2009 by danbastian

The one reading online that I would like to comment on is ‘The programmer as journalist: a Q&A with Adrian Holovaty.’ I found interview and story to be motivating and interesting. Adrian Holovaty is a journalist and programmer for the Adrian basically does for a living what we are doing with our projects. It was nice to read about his success and his creative ideas. I think the underlying point of this interview is to shed light on computer programming and journalism, a concept I was unfamiliar with before reading this. Adrian sums it up in three steps – gathering, distilling presenting. Sounds like what we are doing. The only thing that Adrian is doing that we aren’t, is creating programs – for example animation – that complement his stories. I was really blown away by some of the ideas and creations that Adrian has had over the past few years.

The text reading that I would like to comment on comes from Journalism Online. Chapter 11’s focus is writing scripts and doing voice over, something I paid extra attention to because of the slideshow that we have due in a week. I have never made a slideshow before, so all of this information is new to me. I’ve already taken the pictures for my slideshow, and I am using this chapter as a guide to writing my voice over for the slideshow. Hopefully it helps!

10,000 Words – Telling stories with maps

Posted in Reaction on April 12, 2009 by danbastian

I was very impressed with the website The website is a journalism website that tells stories with maps and diagrams. It’s almost like the creators of these maps and diagrams read a news story and find a totally unique way to tell a story – which I like.

One of the ‘maps’ I checked out was one that had to do with the Binghamton Shooting. This was created using Flash and it is a time line of that day. It’s a really unique way to complement this story because most all the stories you read about this are the same. They tell you how many victims, what happened, who the shooter was, etc. But when you can see a visual time line of what went down, it really develops the story into something more.

Another piece that I checked out was on the earthquake in Italy. It’s a slideshow that was put together using SoundSlides, which impressed me, again. I found the pictures to be emotional and it really hits home for me because my entire family is from Italy, but putting that aside the pictures and captions do a great job telling the story.

The last piece I checked out was an actual map of the United States. It’s a little hard to describe it, so click on it before reading on. Basically it’s showing you the U.S. in 2000 and then in 2007 and its showing you the drastic difference in dangerous places to take out home loans. I think this is phenomenal. There is no better way to tell this story than this map. And this is why, because writing this story in text would be boring, slow and tough to describe the actual story. With this map, you can see visually, how bad it’s gotten over time.

Islam in Europe

Posted in Reaction on April 5, 2009 by danbastian

When assigned Islam in Europe, I initially thought it would be boring. After clicking on most of the countries, I soon realized that I had spent around an hour reading up on the history and the issues regarding Islam in Europe.

I really liked the organization behind this piece. When you first arrive to the site, which by the way is on MSNBC, there’s a map of Europe with some text explaining that there are millions of Islams living in Europe and that if you click on a country, it will give you details about the Islam population of that particular country.

When you click on a country it gives a rundown of facts and information. Muslim population, origin/ethnic makeup, history and major issues are the links you can click on to find out more information. It lists those four for every single European country.

There’s no audio, no pictures, no video. For a topic like this, I don’t think it matters. Sure it would be nice, but I don’t know how it would enhance this package. The graphic of the map is sufficient, I can’t think of any pictures that would be appropriate. The subject matter is to broad for audio and video, unless there was audio about the history, that could be coo – but not necessary for the point to be made.

“Remnants of War: Cluster Bombs in South Lebanon”

Posted in Reaction on March 29, 2009 by danbastian

I would have to say of all the multimedia packages I’ve seen so far this semester in these reaction posts – this one impressed me the most. The piece titled “Continuous War: Cluster Bombs in South Lebanon,” which was done by The Washington Post, examined an ongoing problem in South Lebanon.

With features such as a narrated slide show that allows its viewer to read about related content and break down the slide show to see the pictures one at a time, audio (that somewhat resembles a Podcast) with a U.N. rep and a graphic of one of these cluster bombs – it really provides for a great story.

One of the things that I felt could be improved was the little summary blurb that appears at the top of the page. I would have preferred to have read that first – but when I was taken to the package there was no direction of where to start really. I didn’t know anything about this problem in South Lebanon before checking this out, so I was a little lost at first. After navigating I found to have learned the most from the text part only because this topic is new to me.

The other components really do complement this story though, adding emotion and a true-to-life experience with the slide show and audio.